Staay Food Group
Straight from the heart

About us

Staay Food Group. Straight from the heart.

Staay Food Group is the fresh food company in which centralized policy, marketing and sourcing control is supplemented by local expertise in growing and sales. Since 1946, we have delivered a wide range of excellent quality fresh fruit and vegetables worldwide. In response to supply chain integration, Staay Food Group positions itself closer to the growing process by cooperation and participation. Our regional offices closely monitor the growing process and the direct deliveries to customers.

Our main driver is to deliver the best and freshest product directly from the growers to our customers, as fast as possible and with a minimum of added costs.

How do we realize this for our global customers?
With a sophisticated organization, targeted logistics and our excellent service. Our service translates into customer-focused work in the supply of fresh produce. In addition, our processing company Fresh Care offers a service that enables us to meet any demand in the processing of fresh fruit and vegetables into ready-made consumer products in the shops.

Market Regulator
With the concept that Staay Food Group offers, we not only fulfil our role as a supplier, but also as a regulator between growers and buyers. That is to say: together we can supplement shortfalls in the market effectively and eliminate surpluses after abundant harvests or disappointing shop sales. Many growers see the benefits of the international outlets offered by our company. This is often more economical for them than running their own marketing and sales department.

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