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New coloured mix products at Staay Food Group

New coloured mix products at Staay Food Group

Staay Food Group is bringing two new products on the market, right on time for the festive season. The Spain specialist is introducing a coloured cauliflower mix and a tapas tomato mix in response to the trends of shared dining and instagrammable food. Both products have been developed in cooperation with partners in Spain.

Tomatolio: to go with drinks and tapas
The tomato mix consists of red and yellow snack tomatoes, a small bottle of olive oil and a little bag of salt, all packaged in transparent, sealed 250 gram containers. Tomatolio is a product that goes perfectly in combination with small pieces of toast as a healthy party snack or as tapas.

Tri-colour cauliflower mix: for more variation
New in a 6 kg box: a mixture of orange, green and purple cauliflower for a greater variety on the shelf and the table. Furthermore, the orange and purple varieties have a crispier bite to them than the green and white cauliflowers. To retain the variation of colour on the table, the purple cauliflower must be steamed or prepared in the microwave. To retain the colour if boiling, the cauliflower must first be blanched and cooled before being cooked fully. Besides the variation in colour and a different bite, this cauliflower mix also has another big advantage. The coloured cauliflower smells much less strong during cooking than the white one.

Both products are only available in this way in the Netherlands at Staay Food Group. If the test period is successful, the products can be included in the standard range.