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New premises Staay-Van Rijn.

New premises Staay-Van Rijn.

Staay Food Group prepares for the future.

On Monday 4th June Staay-Van Rijn will be opening the doors to its new building. Staay-Van Rijn, the Staay Food Group’s all-rounder, then has an ultra-modern premises of 12,000 m2 at its disposal, almost double the size of its current location.  It is a prominent building near the exit from the A73 at Gate 1 of Fresh Park Venlo. The location allows Staay-Van Rijn to offer optimum service to its target groups in international retail, food service and wholesale.

The new building is another great step in the Staay Food Group’s renewal process in order to prepare itself for the future. The new building in Venlo is, after the delivery of the new premises for Staay-Hispa in Papendrecht (June 2015) and the new facilities for the processor Fresh Care Convenience in Dronten (June 2017), the third opening in three years, allowing Staay Food Group to offer its clients the best possible service.

Staay-Van Rijn’s objective is, based on its broad range, its now perfect logistical location and its extensive international customer base, to quickly increase its turnover with 10%. Its location in Fresh Park Venlo, the logistical fruit and vegetable hotspot of the Netherlands, means that Staay-Van Rijn now has a sales territory of more than 20 million consumers within a radius of 100 km. It can also deliver to most of its clients in Europe within 12 hours.

Sustainably built.
A lot of attention was paid in the construction to energy management. A cooling system was chosen that works with CO2, making chemical cooling agents unnecessary. What is also surprising is that there isn’t a gas connection in the building. All the residual heat and cold from the cooling installation is reused in the 1,500 m2 office space, helping to cool the offices in summer and keeping them warm in the winter. The building’s enormous roof has also been made ready for the installation of solar panels which, in consultation with the building’s owner, can be installed later.

Modern Cash & Carry.
A separate specially laid out area of 3,000 m2 replacing the previous 1,200 m2 allows the various logistical processes to be separated from each other so that they can be better tailored to the different client groups and their needs. The Cash & Carry is now divided into three climate zones by glass partitions. The building’s facade is also made of glass offering a perfect view of the displayed products to attract the buying public. The extra space means that the range can be extended and tastings and demonstrations can be arranged.

The efficiency of order picking and stock management for export clients has also been improved and the significantly larger refrigeration unit capacity (enough for 75 containers) means that more products can be taken directly to Venlo, further shortening lead times. The buildings’ greater capacity and better layout also allows the business as a whole to become more efficient and stronger. The application of ICT, in areas like the development of a webshop and WMS module, is going to considerably improve the exploitation of the new building in terms of turnover and efficiency.

Fast logistics and loading.
A new positioning of reception and a separate loading area for Cash & Carry clients, who may want to load in the docks later, make shipment easier. The logistics have been significantly improved in any case. 26 dock boards and specially laid out loading zones in the warehouse allow hauliers to find their pallets quickly and to load them correctly.