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Product of the month January: Cabbage

Product of the month January: Cabbage

January has been designated the month of the cabbage, cauliflower in particular. This is one of the many products that is grown by our Spanish branch Savasun. Staay Food Group has more than 1500 ha. of its own land available for cultivation near Tarragona. Under the inspiring management of Ad van der Staaij, a broad range of quality vegetable and fruit products are grown. Many of these are packaged under the Masia Pino label; Savasun's own familiar brand. Besides cauliflower, other varieties of cabbage such as romanesco and pointed cabbage are also grown at Savasun. This January, the month of the cabbage, Staay Food Group offers you a broad range of competitively priced cabbage products. From Savasun, but also from our other suppliers.