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Second season of winter cropped large vine tomatoes

Second season of winter cropped large vine tomatoes

This year, Staay Food Group will again supply high-quality winter cropped large vine tomatoes cultivated in the Netherlands, following a successful first season at the end of last year. This means that the reliable Dutch-quality tomato will also be available in winter.

The LED lighting produces beautiful, uniformly red tomatoes. Our innovative grower Wim Peters (Someren, province of North Brabant) has kept the Merlice variety, which provides a large bunch and an average fruit weight of 125 to 150 grams per tomato. Weekly leaf sampling contributes to continuous cultivation adjustments to ensure that the tomatoes are always of optimal quality. The bunch is pruned on 5 pieces and packed in a 5 kg box of our premium own brand NERO. IFCO or EPS cask are possible options as well. Cultivation will start in the middle of week 50 of this year and continue until approximately week 40 of next year.