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Preparations for Brazilian melon season

Preparations for Brazilian melon season

The Brazilian melon season will start for Staay Food Group at the beginning of September. We expect to supply these delicious tasty Brazilian melons (Galia, Cantaloupe, Honey Dew (yellow) and watermelons) until February 2018. The plants in the fields look strong and healthy and the circumstances and prospects are good.

The Staay Food Group melon fields are located in the north east of Brazil in Rio Grande do Norte, near the Atlantic coast. This is where our growers produce melons for and with the Staay Food Group. The combination of growing knowledge, the sunny stable Brazilian climate and the excellent sandy soils provide the right conditions for excellent quality Brazilian tasty melons. These varieties will be packaged under the well-known brands: Dulce, Nero and Melão Mossoró.

Sustainable cultivation

During the past six years, this cultivation area in Brazil has suffered extreme drought, confronting the growers with problems. Sustainable management of fresh water is therefore vitally important. By drilling new wells and using modern irrigation methods such as a ‘drip system’, water is brought to the melon plants without waste.