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Fresh Care Convenience B.V.

In the town of Dronten is the last link in the chain of the Staay Food Group. In Dronten fruit and vegetables are processed into a range of fresh convenience producs that daily makes its way to the European supermarkets. Fresh Care Convenience is characterized by high efficiency at low cost.

Quality fresh produce at a good price
Fresh Care is one of the major players on the German market when it comes to the supply of fresh convenience produce to supermarket chains. Fresh Care provides high quality fresh produce at a very competitive price. Because the range is relatively small and cost control measures have been integrated in the production process. This is beneficial to our customers and the consumers alike: they receive the best quality fresh produce at a reasonable price.

Always innovative
The fresh convenience market share is growing rapidly. The fruit and vegetable market is constantly moving as well, and Fresh Care is not resting on its laurels either. With our customers, we actively look for new products for the consumer. A private chef experiments continuously with fresh ready-made meals. Every week, an expert panel joins the chef, to discuss the quality, the shelf life options and, of course, the taste of what they are being served that day. Out of 28 experiments, only one will pass muster; only the best will do! This will then be sampled at the supermarket and if the verdict is positive, it will be taken in production.

At Staay Food Group, quality and durability go hand-in-hand. Sustainability is embedded in the entire Staay Food Group chain. The new plant in Dronten is built as efficient and sustainable as possible. The use of water and electricity is reduced as far as possible and as for waste, the plant works CO2-neutral. The building is cooled by the worlds biggest CO2 airconditioning, free from agressive coolants. In terms of logistics Fresh Care aims to produce and process locally as much as possible, which is why, it tries to bring the cultivation process closer, where possible. Soon even to own production in a Vertical Farm.

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Fresh Care Convenience B.V.

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Fresh Care Convenience B.V.

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    Cellebroederspoort 4
    8253 TA Dronten
    The Netherlands
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    PO box 20
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    Bank : ABN AMRO
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    IBAN : NL23ABNA0243225415
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