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Savasun S.A.

Savasun Spain was founded in mid 80’s in Vilanova d´Escornalbou in the Spanish province of Tarragona by Ad, one of the Van der Staay brothers. The soil of that area provides ideal conditions for the cultivation of quality produce.

The mild Spanish climate helpes to create successful growing conditions that led to the development of Savasun Spain. Over the years the production area has been expanded as the combination of Spanish climate, Dutch skills, knowledge and craftsmanship in agriculture, formed a successful base for the production of high-quality fruit and vegetables.

By means of our own growing projects and allied growers, we occupy an area that covers approximately 1,200 ha. The process of harvesting in the morning, packing and storing in the afternoon, gives us the opportunity to load our lorries the next morning with fresh pre-cooled products, ready for delivery across Europe.

We place high demands on our production, food safety, working conditions for our employees and safety of the environment. Savasun Spain has defined high standards for the production of selected fruits and vegetables. The company is adjusted to a competitive market and we aim to deliver extra value to our customers.

Our sales team delivers high standards of service, logistics, competitive pricing and commitment to long-term relationships.

Food safety and transparency
When it comes to fruit and vegetables our customers need to know they can trust us as their supplier. We aim to grow our products according to the highest international quality standards. Our production sites are strictly controlled by our Quality control department. The safety systems, storage and growth methods comply with all regulatory requirements for hygiene and food safety.

Savasun S.A.

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Savasun S.A.

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