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Plenty of homegrown fruit - now also apricots

Plenty of homegrown fruit - now also apricots

The fruit season at our Spanish Savasun growing facility in Tarragona is in full swing. And thanks to the nice weather, the harvests are very good at the moment. Apricots are freshly available this season for the first time. On top of that we are also harvesting the first apples (Elstar). Meanwhile, the colleagues from Frupaks-Vernooij in the Netherlands are getting ready for the first pear harvests.

Last year, Ad van der Staaij planted apricot trees for the first time on our farmland in Spain. And with great success! The first apricots of the Farlys variety are already excellent in quality, colour and brix (sugar content). The first shipment was very well received by the market. The apricots are sold separately under our own brand of NERO Premium. Next year, we expect a longer apricot season as other varieties we have planted come into production. As well as apricots, we currently have plums available from Savasun. These are still available in two varieties: Black Diamond and Fortuna, both available in (single) layered trays and packaged under our own brand of NERO Premium. As a stone fruit specialist, we are able to supply homegrown nectarines, cherries, apricots and plums spread throughout the season.

This week, the first apples also arrived from our Spanish orchards. The Elstar variety was the first to arrive and will be followed by Royal Gala later this week. We also expect Granny Smiths to become available at the end of August. The fruit is hanging well and the weather conditions are also excellent. We are expecting to receive plenty of good-quality apples.

This also applies to our Dutch pear production in Vleuten. Our colleagues at Frupaks-Vernooij - Staay Food Group's pip fruit specialists - expect a good harvest of the various pear varieties over the coming weeks, including Conference and the red-coloured Early Desire/Gräfin Gepa.