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Brazilian melon season approaches again

Brazilian melon season approaches again

Staay Food Group is preparing for another Brazilian melon season. The prospects are excellent, the weather in the growing areas is stable and the plants are developing according to plan. It is not without reason that Staay Food Group has been working for years with steady partners in the heart of Brazil's melon production; a large area around the city of Mossoró on the Brazilian (east) coast in the province of Rio Grande do Norte.

After a somewhat difficult summer season with fluctuating supplies from Spain and limited demand due to the disappointing summer weather, supplies from Brazil are expected again around week 36. The supply of melons packaged under the DULCE private label again comes from Rainforest Alliance certified cultivation.

Watermelon: seedless, minis and bins
The trend towards seedless fruit continues. Reason enough to stop planting watermelons with seeds (quetzali) this season. Last season Staay Food Group offered the (also seedless) mini watermelon for the first time. After last year's trial, it was decided to continue with this successful small melon this season. For true lovers of the classic watermelon, we also offer large watermelons with seeds in bins.

Piel de Sapo
The Piel de Sapo melon from Brazil, introduced last year, will also be continued. This delicious melon is now part of the permanent  range all year round. As well as watermelon and Piel de Sapo, this also includes Galia, Cantaloupe and yellow melons. Thanks to the structural supply of melons throughout the overseas season (Brazil and Costa Rica), Staay Food Group has again been able to book weekly passages with the shipping companies MSC and CMA-CGM. Thus, a continuous flow of fresh melons is guaranteed.