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Staay-Van Rijn improves product offering in Cash & Carry

Staay-Van Rijn improves product offering in Cash & Carry

Staay-Van Rijn's Cash & Carry in Freshpark Venlo has further improved its product offering. This Staay branch in the province of Limburg can now benefit from direct shipment, without intervention of the Papendrecht head office. In addition, more products are presented in the 3,000 m2 Cash & Carry. Colourful and daily alternating presentations provide a better view of the fresh produce.

In addition to direct shipment, Staay-Van Rijn now also has its own import programmes, under which Venlo imports sweet potatoes from the US, for example. These and other products are presented with great care in the Cash & Carry. The glass outer wall provides a clear view of the broad product range from the outside.

Staay's Cash & Carry has occupied a distinctive position for over 15 years with its range of more than 600 types of vegetable and fruit. This product range really comes into its own in the new building that was occupied last year. Staay-Van Rijn's building was designed on the basis of feedback from customers. Its features include more light, more space, clear (digital) price tags and short waiting times at the cashpoints. The Cash & Carry was also equipped with a coffee corner and a special shipping area with dedicated docks. These measures have certainly had the intended effect. The customer base has grown, with more customers from different lines of business. Moreover, the average expenditure per customer is also gradually increasing.

With the recent start of the stone fruit season and fresh supplies of well-known brands such as San Carlos, Primor, Menas, King Courgette and Copito, Staay-Van Rijn Cash & Carry is ready for summer! Proprietary brands such as NERO, RijnStar, DULCE, Enjoy and Masia del Pino clearly identify the supply as Staay Food Group products.