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The cherries from Valle del Jerte in Spain will soon be available again

The cherries from Valle del Jerte in Spain will soon be available again

The stonefruit season in Spain is just around the corner, and our cherries in the Spanish Valle del Jerte are growing well. We plan to start the cherry season end week 18/beginning week 19. Our growers are expecting a large harvest of beautiful fruit, since conditions during the growing have been excellent, without frost damage.

As a specialist in Spanish stonefruit, we pay extra attention to the availability and quality of our cherries. They are grown on terraces on the mountain slopes of the beautiful Valle del Jerte in Extremadura. Cultivating on terraces contributes significantly to the high quality of these cherries. The growers also maintain the natural appearance of the valley with their traditional craft. We’ve been supplying large volumes of cherries from this region for more than 25 years.

Traditional production
Cultivating cherries in this traditional way is particularly eco-friendly. Pollination is entirely natural, and only an extremely limited amount of carefully chosen plant protection products are used. Cherries that don’t meet specifications are not thrown away, but made into jams and liqueurs. Even the stones are used in products such as cushions, so nothing is wasted.

Short lines and transparency
We cooperate closely with the Valle del Jerte cooperative, which has no less than 3,500 local cherry growers, so we can guarantee quality, volumes and traceability. Certification is also coordinated centrally.

From late April until mid-August, Staay Food Group will be supplying different varieties of the most delicious cherries. The exclusive Picotas (extra firm cherries without stem) are available in June, July and August.