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DULCE melons from Costa Rica. Melons with a story.

DULCE melons from Costa Rica. Melons with a story.

DULCE is synonymous with sweet and delicious exotic fruit procured from own overseas cultivation. This fruit is also Rainforest Alliance certified, proving it has been grown responsibly. In 2015, DULCE was even the first label in Costa Rica with Rainforest Alliance certified melons. Cultivation in Costa Rica takes place on 5 different farms and is coordinated by our local SFG Dulce location.

Blue zone
One of our growers is located in a very special place - one of the five worldwide Blue Zones. The inhabitants of these unique regions enjoy a higher life expectancy than in other parts of the world. People often reach the age of 100 years. The Blue Zone in Costa Rica is located on the Nicoya Peninsula and is also the largest Blue Zone in the world. This is a beautiful and unspoilt natural area where our grower cultivates melons for local consumption and export, all while placing a special focus on caring for the environment.  

Transparent supply
This season we expect to enjoy an ample supply of galia melon, cantaloupe, canary melon and watermelon during the period from week 8 through week 17. These are imported directly from the growers to the Netherlands without any external purchasing. That means that DULCE melons guarantee optimal transparency and traceability.