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Final sprint Brazilian melonseason

Final sprint Brazilian melonseason
14-01-2021 A few more weeks and the Brazilian melon season will be over. Costa Rica will then take over again. All in all, given the situation, it has been a reasonable season in which the pre-programmed volumes have found their way to the retail. In the final sprint of the Brazilian season, we now see an upswing in both demand and prices.

Own cultivation Costa Rica melons almost ready for harvesting
Our Costa Rican branch SFG Dulce is preparation for the coming season. The forecasts are good and the fields are in optimal condition. Fortunately, the two hurricanes that recently swept across Central America have not caused any significant damage to the fields in the four production areas where SFG Dulce has its growing companies.

With its own branch in Costa Rica, Staay Food Group can clearly distinguish itself. Apart from growing under our own management, all logistic operations are controlled internally and we have all the expertise needed in the chain. Furthermore, all melons are packed and shipped under our house brand DULCE. This guarantees full traceability. In addition, all our melons bear the Rainforest Alliance seal for sustainable growing.

Due to worldwide developments, the forecasts for export volumes from Costa Rica are lower than in previous years. In addition to the usual Water, Yellow and Galia/Cantaloupe varieties, Piel de Sapo melons will also be available this year.