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Staay Food Group supplier of EU School Fruit.

Staay Food Group supplier of EU School Fruit.

Staay Food Group has become a supplier of the European Commission's school fruit scheme this year. The purpose of the scheme is to encourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables among schoolchildren, to teach children healthier eating habits and to promote sales of fruit and vegetables.

Following the Pass On Colour campaign to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables in the Netherlands, this is a second Staay Food Group initiative in what the UN has declared the International Year of Fruit and Vegetables. Staay Food Group is once again reinforcing its mission for a healthier life with optimal availability of healthy, fresh and safe food.

The EU School Fruit suppliers jointly arrange the transport and delivery of the school fruit to the participating schools. In the 2021-2022 school year, the fruit and vegetable deliveries run from 15 November 2021 to the week of 22 April 2022.


About the EU School Fruit scheme
EU School Fruit scheme encourages children to eat fruit and vegetables together in the classroom. Participating primary schools receive three portions of fruit and vegetables for all pupils every week for 20 weeks. And it's completely free, thanks to funding from the European Union.