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Excellent homegrown plums coming soon

Excellent homegrown plums coming soon

We are expecting homegrown plums as of the middle of this week 29. The plums are harvested at Savasun, our own cultivation facility in the Spanish province of Tarragona. The first harvest looks quite promising. The plums are beautifully large and dark, which is exactly to be expected from the Black Diamond variety. We expect to be able to continue making deliveries until around week 32. In addition to Black Diamond, the Fortuna variety will also be harvested. It will be supplied in various packages under the private label Masia del Pino.

The plums grow in the Catalan village Vilanova d'Escornalbou, Tarragona. The various premium products are harvested in the morning and are packaged and cooled in the afternoon. This way, trucks containing the pre-cooled harvest of that day are able to leave the next morning.

Certification is important to Savasun as proof of its quality awareness. In addition to a Global GAP certification, Savasun has a proper social policy that is certified according to Global GRASP. Moreover, since last January, Savasun has demonstrated that it meets the sustainable cultivation standards in accordance with PlanetProof certification.

Beside plums, Savasun cultivates various varieties of cabbage, leafy vegetables and apples among other produce.