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First signs of Red Conference pear

First signs of Red Conference pear
09-05-2022 After the trees were in full bloom and the fruit set under good conditions, the fruits are now slowly forming. The weather conditions are still favourable and the forecast for the coming period is also positive. If the situation continues like this, it looks good for this season's harvest.

First commercial harvest
This would be the first commercial harvest of the Red Conference pear. After Staay Food Group, together with BFV, acquired the exclusive sales rights for this new club variety in 2018, considerable investments were made in the cultivation of trees and expansion of the acreage. A first small commercial harvest was planned last year, but the cold spring then threw a spanner in the works. The expectation is that this year the first Red Conference will be brought on the market.

Good storage qualities: available all year round
In recent years, the harvests have been used to test the storage qualities of the pear.
As expected and hoped, these are just as good as those of the regular Conference pear.
This makes the Red Conference the only red pear that can be sold all year round!