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First Spanish stone fruits expected.

First Spanish stone fruits expected.

This week (16), we expect to receive the first harvest of nectarines and peaches from our grower in Seville. However, we stick to week 18 as the start of the season for peaches and nectarines, week 19 for the first apricots and week 21 for the paraguayo. Our cherries in the Valle del Jerte are also developing well. We expect to be able to start the season for these in the fourth week of April.

After the first harvest of nectarines and peaches have been picked in Seville, the Murcia region will start, where the paraguayo, plums and apricots complete the range. Production is then continued in Badajoz and ends in the Lerida region. This way Staay Food Group has the ability to offer large volumes during the actual summer months, from June up to and including September.

Short lines
Our growers are all proud family companies, the owners of which we have sometimes known for generations. This ensures short lines with the cultivation for our customers. We regularly visit the cultivation regions ourselves (or together with our customers) to make a personal inspection. The grower also often takes part in annual talks with customers or to discuss a tailored action plan.

A good season guaranteed
For more than 25 years now, we have been supplying peaches, nectarines, paraguayo, apricots, plums and cherries in large volumes from Spain. Thanks to close cooperation with a select group of professional growers, we are able to guarantee optimal quality of these volumes throughout the summer season.

The collection of large-scale growers and the spread of the companies around Spain makes it possible to guarantee customers a constant volume throughout the entire stone fruit season (under normal circumstances). Moreover, we are also able to continuously provide customers with information about the current situation of the product, allowing them to respond to this. In exceptional cases, we have the ability to deliver a product to Staay Food Group's central distribution points or directly to the customer in the Netherlands and surrounding regions within 24 to 36 hours. In the Spanish off-season we also supply plums, peaches and nectarines from South Africa and Chile, among other countries.