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Five new Scania trucks in the car fleet.

Five new Scania trucks in the car fleet.

On Monday 23 September, five new Scania S450 trucks were added to Staay Food Group's car fleet. This means the fleet is fully up to date again.

In total there are 30 own trucks for all SFG companies. On average, the drivers cover about 100,000 km per year. With recognizable Staay Food Group semi-trailers but also with containers. These distances are covered throughout Europe, but mostly on the Spain - Netherlands route. This is partly due to the location of Savasun, the cultivation company of Staay Food Group in Tarragona. Most of the products grown here are sold in the Netherlands and in Germany.

The most modern fleet meets the strictest requirements. Both in terms of comfort and safety and in terms of emissions. For example, almost all cars comply with the latest EU6 emission standards. That is why Staay Food Group has been awarded a 5-star EcoStars certification. Ecostars is a European rating system for companies with clean and sustainable vehicles.