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Flowersprouts available again

Flowersprouts available again

From week 46 flowersprouts are available again at Staay-Van Rijn. Every day we have fresh supplies in our RijnStar packaging from our local grower. The season runs until February.

This will be already the 7th season that Staay-Van Rijn will offer this relatively still unknown product. Staay Food Group has been a flowersprout provider from the very beginning, in the meanwhile we became flowersprout specialist with experience with this winter vegetable. It was not until 2011 that the product became known when it was voted The Best New Variety in the UK. 

Brussels sprouts and kale
The flowersprout (also known as kalette) was developed as a milder type of sprout with slightly less bitterness. This is how these graceful flowersprouts arose, and which combined the distinctive taste and small size of sprouts with the mild taste of kale. The flowersprout also contains double the amount of vitamins B6 and C than the regular sprout. The term 'superfood' is therefore increasingly used for this true winter vegetable.

The Limburg Flowersprouts are basically available from the beginning of November till February in 2 kg packaging (loose) under the house brand of Staay-Van Rijn, RijnStar.