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Wide range of tomatoes from own crops.

Wide range of tomatoes from own crops.

Staay Food Group supplies a wide range of all possible varieties of high-quality tomatoes all year round. The origin of these tomatoes is directly obvious because the Dutch product mainly comes from our own contract farming. The range varies from top quality Dutch vine and strong round tomatoes, to deliciously sweet snack and fresh cherry tomatoes.

For our own crops as well as for supplementary products, Staay Food Group collaborates internationally with partners that have more than earned their spurs. In many cases these are family companies, all of which work in their own way to supply top quality. In recent years, they have invested in things such as their own seed breeding, sustainable energy supplies, LED lighting, mechanical ventilation and water efficiency in order to achieve this.

Better shelf life
We opt to supply round tomatoes without the crown for an extra long shelf life because mould appears on the crown first and by removing it, this is prevented.

Exclusively at Staay Food Group: Sweet Enjoy
The unique sweet snack tomato Sweet Enjoy is worth a special mention. A cherry tomato from the Saporro variety with an average Brix of 10! This product is grown exclusively for Staay Food Group by our grower Van Rens in Meterik, Limburg. On a selected acreage the Sweet Enjoy tomatoes are checked by hand for their quality and ripeness before being harvested. 

During the year, the availability of volume over the entire range is guaranteed. For instance, cherry tomatoes are available from the Netherlands, Morocco, Egypt and Spain, and Dutch vine tomatoes grown traditionally as well as in assimilation lighting are available all year round.

Altogether, Staay Food Group offers approximately 40 different varieties of tomatoes throughout the season, from vine cherry tomatoes to large vine tomatoes. Varieties such as the Tomberry, Amuse, Pauline, Inka, Coeur de Boeuf, Tijgerella and Kumato tomatoes are also part of the range.

That way we have one or more varieties of tomatoes available for every customer and for any use. Tomatoes grown by us can be recognised by the NERO Premium label or our own brand for tomatoes, Enjoy.