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Italian grape season 2019

Italian grape season 2019

The Italian grape season is coming very soon. Staay Food Group holds a trump card when it comes to supplying high-quality grapes: its business partner Didonna. As of the middle of week 28, we will receive daily deliveries from Puglia. Shortly before that, first new arrivals can be expected.

Thanks to the cultivation of an exceptionally wide range of varieties that follow and complement one another, we can continue supplying until the end of November. This applies to both white and blue grapes, seeded or seedless.

Didonna SRL, one of the leading grape suppliers in Puglia, provides grapes to Staay Food Group under the brands Didonna and Supreme. We offer the grapes in wooden crates (7 kg), cardboard boxes (5 kg) and EPS. Small packages of 500 grams or 1 kg are also available during the season. Specific requests are always possible in consultation, also when it comes to packaging.