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LNG trucks deployed for further sustainability of fleet.

LNG trucks deployed for further sustainability of fleet.

This month, two extremely clean new trucks have been be deployed at Staay Food Group. The Volvo LNG trucks are powered by engines that run on liquid natural gas (LNG).

Staay Food Group has a very modern fleet of trucks that is constantly refreshed. In January of this year, for example, a new Volvo FH460 I-Save was deployed. Now it is the turn of two real LNG trucks. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and comes from underground reservoirs all over the world. It is available in greater quantities than oil, which also makes it a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels like diesel. The trucks emit over 20% less CO2 than a comparable diesel truck. Moreover, the engines are perceived as being quieter. This makes the trucks ideal for domestic transport and for supplying customers in urban areas.

Staay Food Group has a fleet of 30 trucks in total. The entire fleet has been fully compliant with the Euro 6 emission standard for some time. With the deployment of two Volvo FH-460 LNG trucks, Staay Food Group has once again helped to increase the sustainability of the transport chain.