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New pear harvest in full swing

New pear harvest in full swing
06-09-2023 It's harvest time again in the Netherlands! Due to the sudden warm, sunny weather, our growers are making extra haste with the picking this year. This way, we keep the quality of the mature fruit good.

So picking conditions are particularly good this year. While growing, we have had to deal with variable weather - from a hot and dry spring to wet, relatively cold summer weeks. As a result, the pears are slightly more bronze-coloured than last season but fine in quality and size. The volume on the trees this year is normal; a bit smaller for the Netherlands and a bit higher for Belgium than in 2022.

Meanwhile, new crop Triomphe de Vienne is already available in abundance. Conference is also already readily available. The various varieties are currently being harvested in plenty, including the exclusive Staay club varieties Early Desire and Red Conference. Our club variety Dazzling Gold will be harvested in a few weeks (mid-October).