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Overseas melon season approaching: good prospects in Brazil.

Overseas melon season approaching: good prospects in Brazil.

- Focus on sustainability, quality and availability.
- Watermelons offer fully seedless.
- Largest grower Rainforest Alliance certified.

While thanks to the summer weather the Spanish melons are in great demand, Staay Food Group is preparing for the arrival of the Brazilian melons. The melon specialist expects to be able to ship the first overseas melons from week 34.

The prospects for the new season are good. The circumstances in our cultivation areas in the Northeast region of Brazil are excellent, so the crop is developing well. Our specialists have confidence in the season. This also means that again we will be able to meet the demands of customers for good quality and sustainably grown melons, under normal circumstances. 

Trend of seedless melons continues
Staay's supply programme includes watermelons, Galia, Cantaloupe and Yellow Honey Dew melons. The demand for seedless watermelons has been increasing for years and that is why, as of this season, 100% of the Brazilian watermelons for Staay Food Group is seedless.

Rainforest Alliance certified
In Brazil, Staay works in close collaboration with independent partners who have earned their spurs in a collaboration that has now lasted for more than 20 years. Staay's import runs directly via these two parties only, without agents or buying elsewhere. This way traceability is guaranteed in the Brazil season, too. This also applies to being able to offer volumes; In total, the farms possess a planted acreage of 3,000 ha. Moreover, this also guarantees employment for almost 2,500 people. Sustainability and CSR are important focal point in cultivation. For instance, water from a natural source feeds an efficient dripping irrigation system and the highest social standards are maintained. Furthermore, last year our largest grower gained the Rainforest Alliance certificate. Thanks to this the full range of our own brand DULCE can be offered with the RFA label. Besides DULCE melons, melons under the NERO label will of course also be offered.