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JOIN OUR PLAYFIELD recruitment campaign

JOIN OUR PLAYFIELD recruitment campaign
08-06-2022 Staay Food Group continues to grow and is therefore looking for the right extra staff. In order to attract the attention of potential talent, a social media campaign has been developed: JOIN OUR PLAYFIELD (#JOPF).

The need for new staff is strongest in the logistics field. To make it clear that order picking at Staay is more fun than in many other DCs, the campaign with #JOPF was chosen. In this campaign, Staay employees figure on their workplace or portray a sport. In this way, a parallel is made between the fun you can have in sports and in your work at Staay.

Working at Staay is challenging and varied. Order pickers collect the fresh products from an order and make full, measured pallets ready for transport. They move through the warehouse as if it were a playfield. Or a sport. The sport of stacking the colli correctly and getting mix pallets exactly full; picking orders has never been more fun!

The fruit and vegetable business can be seen as a sport, anyway. A sport on an international playing field in which guaranteeing freshness, quality and availability is the goal every day. Therefore, in the same campaign, financial and commercial talents are sought to strengthen "Team Staay".

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