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Plenty of spinach available from our own Spanish fields.

Plenty of spinach available from our own Spanish fields.
22-02-2021 There is plenty of spinach available again from Ad van der Staaij's fields in Tarragona. The season started well in November, but in Northern Spain the supply came to an abrupt standstill in January after heavy rain and hail destroyed the spinach harvest.
By shifting gears quickly, paying the right attention to the crop and with good weather in Tarragona, we have succeeded in making plenty of top quality Planet Proof certified spinach available again.

Account Manager Frans Sinke, who has been responsible for the supply from our own Spanish farm Savasun for many years, is happy that the supply has been restarted. " The situation in Tarragona was very unfortunate, but we were able to maintain the supply to the Netherlands partly by the right spread in cultivation. We grow spinach in both northern and southern Spain."

As since the 1990s, Staay Food Group has been growing spinach in Spain on a large scale. Currently, over 300 Ha of the production area are reserved for spinach. After harvesting, the product is cooled and the next morning it is transported to the Netherlands where it arrives under the Masia del Pino brand with two drivers the very next day. This way a fresh product is guaranteed. Of course the spinach can be packaged as desired.