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New and exclusive premium strawberry offer.

New and exclusive premium strawberry offer.

Staay Food Group is now offering Calinda strawberries variety sorted and layered in exclusive wooden packaging. This Staay Food Group offer is unique in the Netherlands.

Our grower in the Spanish town of Almonte only grows this special variety and is the largest Calinda group grower in Spain. The packaging has also been designed and patented there. It is composed of a wooden flat tray of 600 grams that contains the sorted strawberries in a packing sheet. The box includes a barcode, allowing it to be added to the product range as an SKU.

Premium packaging
Size 24 is available at the moment. At a later time, the strawberries will be slightly smaller and we will switch to size 30. Because the strawberries are selected not only according to size but also according to their shape and colour, this creates a very high-quality product for the premium market. And the strawberries remain in perfect condition thanks to the single-layer flat tray packaging. This results in a product that enjoys a better shelf life in the store and in a consumer that gets the product home in perfect condition.

The Calinda club variety offers high-quality sweet strawberries with an exceptional taste. On average, the strawberries enjoy a particularly high Brix value between 7.5 and 9. The Calinda is a variety of the Dutch El Santa strawberry that has been specially developed for Spanish cultivation.

These Calinda strawberries packaged in a single-layer flat tray are available through the first week of June.