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Product of the month: tomato

Product of the month: tomato

May has been named the month of the tomato. The Dutch fruiting vegetable season is well under way, with excellent availability of different kinds of fruit. The tomato will be in the spotlights this month, with interesting special offers.

Staay Food Group supplies a broad range of all kinds of high-quality tomatoes throughout the year. We offer top-quality Dutch vine tomatoes, strong round tomatoes without crown for an extra long shelf life, as well as the unique Sweet Enjoy, a snack tomato with a brix of 10 that is exclusively supplied through SFG. Most of our tomatoes have PlanetProof certification for sustainable cultivation.

Moreover, availability of volume is guaranteed all year round. We sell cherry tomatoes from The Netherlands, Morocco, Egypt and Spain, as well as, year round, Dutch vine tomatoes (lit/unlit). Most products from the Netherlands come from our own contract cultivation. In other countries, we have permanent partners who guarantee reliable delivery.