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Staay Food Group reaches 75th anniversary and merges Dutch companies

Staay Food Group reaches 75th anniversary and merges Dutch companies

As of today, the Dutch Staay businesses have been merged to form a single, powerful, new company. This merger will enable us to work more efficiently and will shift the focus further towards the expansion of our own cultivation.

The story of Staay Food Group goes back exactly 75 years to the Rotterdam wholesale market in 1946. There, Willem van der Staay from Rijsoord (in Ridderkerk) began his wholesale fresh fruit and vegetable business. The business continued to grow quickly after sons Ad and Dammis joined the venture. They opened their own greengrocers, established contracts with farmers and, in addition to trade customers, they also began to serve retail, industry and food service target groups.

Own cultivation
During the 1980s, a self-owned growing facility was set up in Spain to ensure a steady supply of good fresh products according to Dutch standards in winter too. This proved a great success. In a few years, the company's own cultivation area grew to 1200 hectares. In recent years, the cultivation area has been expanded even further by contracting cultivation to partners.

International expansion
Further expansion began around 2000 with the takeover of companies in Venlo, Dronten, Vleuten, Barendrecht, Alblasserdam and Deil, among others. In 2012, a branch was established in Costa Rica for the cultivation and export of pineapple and melon. A branch in Warsaw, Poland, followed in 2014. Staay Food Group became increasingly international and developed from a trading company into a reliable supplier of fruit and vegetables that grows its own produce and specialises in pineapple, melon, stone fruit, pip fruit and leaf vegetables.

Reliability of supply
Now the Dutch companies Staay-Van Rijn BV, Staay-Hispa BV and Staay-Export BV will be brought together to form an independent company: Staay Food Group BV. In addition to further benefits in terms of cost and scale, this will also allow us to achieve an optimal balance between supply and demand, enabling us to react with even greater speed and flexibility. Reliability of supply, one of Staay's strengths, can therefore be increased even further.

Staay Food Group is in a strong position in its 75th anniversary year. With a recently appointed new boardmember, a clear new trading name and a greater focus on cultivating its own fresh produce and maintaining a short supply chain, the new Staay Food Group is ready for the future.