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Savasun Spain obtains PlanetProof certificate.

Savasun Spain obtains PlanetProof certificate.

On 11 January, Savasun, the Staay Food Group's growing facility in Spain, received the PlanetProof certification. This independent certification offers proof that Savasun's products are produced in a more sustainable way.

Since 1987 Staay Food Group has had more than 1500 ha. of its own land available for cultivation near Tarragona. Under the inspiring management of Ad van der Staaij, a broad range of quality vegetable and fruit products are grown. Many of these are packaged under the Masia Pino label; Savasun's own familiar brand. The present certification has been received for the products endive, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, iceberg lettuce and spinach.

PlanetProof is an independent and originally Dutch sustainability label for dairy products, vegetables and fruit, eggs, flowers, plants, trees and flower bulbs. PlanetProof products are produced in a demonstrably sustainable way. The farmers and horticulturists work on for instance, cleaner air, fertile soil, good water quality and animal welfare. They pay attention to more nature on the farm, circular waste management and recycling. The requirements for PlanetProof are reviewed annually and tightened where possible.