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Start of Italian grape season

Start of Italian grape season

The Italian grape season is about to begin again. Our growers expect a good season with a volume 10-15% higher than the already good previous season. We start this week (23) with the first beautiful Black Magic and Victoria grapes from Sicily. From week 25/26, the supply of the same varieties from Puglia starts, followed two weeks later by the first seedless varieties.

Our Italian grapes will again be available under the three well-known brand names of Didonna, Supreme and our own quality label NERO Premium. This label is reserved for quality grapes from small-scale growers personally selected by us. These family businesses are all located in the Rutigliano/Polignano area of Puglia. We receive fresh shipments of these top-quality grapes 3-4 times a week in 5 kg, 4.5 kg and 4x1 kg packages. Certain programmes also allow for 10x500 g or 10x1 kg trays.

Partner Didonna
Our customers are also assured of volume thanks to the supply from our grower Didonna SRL, one of Puglia's main grape suppliers. Didonna grows a wide range of quality grapes for Staay Food Group under the Didonna and Supreme brand names. We offer these grapes in 7 kg (wooden crates), 5 kg (cardboard boxes) and EPS packaging. Once again, small packages of 500 g or 1 kg are possible on request, as are other specific requests.

New varieties
This season, we are able to offer four new varieties for the first time:

  • Melissa Seedless
    A large grape (L to XL), deep yellow in colour with a distinctive muscatel flavour (from week 41)
  • Arra one XL White Seedless
    A crisp, sweet grape from week 32 onwards
  • Autumn King XXXL White Seedless
    A crisp, sweet and very robust grape from week 36/37
  • Autumn Pearl XL Red Seedless
    A robust grape with large bunches (like Red Globe) from week 38/39

Thanks to the collaboration with various specialists and the wide range of varieties, we are able to deliver high quality and volume until the end of November. This applies to both white and blue grapes, seeded or seedless.