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Start of Italian grape season - grower visit

Start of Italian grape season - grower visit


Last Thursday, Staay Food Group received this season's first shipment of grapes - the Black Magic variety - from Puglia in southern Italy. Buyer Sander Rutten visited those grape growers last week. Four growers cultivate grapes for the Staay house brand NERO Premium. They are all modern family businesses that keep adapting their range to meet market demand.

Some of the growers are also part of a grower and developer consortium where they develop new varieties together. They gather knowledge worldwide, like from America, Peru, Chile, and South Africa. Thus a wealth of information regarding cultivation and varieties is collected. This year, they are producing the dark seedless varieties Maula and Dauna for the first time.

Growing fewer Italia and Victoria in favor of more seedless grapes is a clear trend. Red Globe and Crimson remain popular. So-called club varieties such as IFG45, ASDA, and various ARRA varieties are becoming more common too.

New: NERO Premium Zero Residue

Some of the vineyards have been earmarked for Zero Residue grapes. In these areas, insects control other insects, and the entire crop is covered. Demand for this should increase in the coming years.

The growers generally expect to harvest more grapes, with promising quality, this season than the last one. The Staay Food Group receives new arrivals three to four times a week in 5 kg, 4.5 kg, and 4x1 kg NERO Premium packages. Punnets of 10x500 g or 10x1 kg are also possible for programs.

Besides NERO Premium grapes, the Staay Food Group will carry Didonna quality grapes again this year. Didonna grows a wide assortment of grapes for the Staay Food Group under the Didonna and Supreme brands. These are packed in 7 kg wood, 5 kg cardboard, and EPS boxes. Again, small 500 g or 1 kg packages are possible in consultation.

The Staay Food Group's range will include Italian grapes until mid-November.