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Overseas season for stone fruit underway; winter season increasingly important.

Overseas season for stone fruit underway; winter season increasingly important.

The overseas stone fruit season started again in week 46. Now that autumn has arrived and the supply from our partners in Spain has come to an end, we have switched to stone fruit from South Africa. In Robertson (Western Cape), we have our partner Epic Exporters since 2013. A supplier that packs high quality stone fruit from 12-15 regular local growers and exports this under the brand name Epic.

Every year, we start the overseas season in the middle of week 45/46 with premium apricots and nectarcots, which are brought to the Netherlands as air freight. A nectarcot is actually an apricot but with the smooth skin of a nectarine. This relatively unknown stone fruit is widely grown in South Africa and is available during the winter months in Europe. From week 49, the sale of sea freight will start with plums, peaches and nectarines in addition to apricots. The apricots continue until week 2-3, the peaches and nectarines until week 6 and the plums until week 15-16.

Development towards more flavour and availability
In South Africa, more and more new varieties are being planted in the search for even better flavour/higher brix (sugar content) and the desired size (AA). This concerns mostly red-flesh plums and is in line with the increasing demand for ready-to-eat products. Moreover, stone fruit - popularly known as summer fruit - is increasingly in demand, even in winter. Staay Food Group meets this demand through weekly deliveries in the winter months. This enables us to maintain stocks practically all year round and respond to market demand.

From week 4-5, we slowly switch to Chile for the supply of peaches and nectarines until week 14-15. Plums come from Chile from week 10 until week 17/18. After that, Spain takes over again.

In this way, Staay Food Group can further extend its many years of expertise in stone fruit.