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Stonefruit season 2020

Stonefruit season 2020

Update June 11 2020:
The supply of stone fruit is rather limited this season, especially with nectarines. As a result, prices are at a high level. The total European production of stone fruit is even lower than expected.  However, with our years of experience and very strong network, we will do everything we can to have sufficient product available for our customers again this season.

Industry media platform FreshPlaza asked Staay Food Group for some insights on this year's stone fruit season: 

The Spanish stone fruit season has just begun. Staay Food Group has been a major player in the product group for years. We asked Nico Veldhoen about his season's expectations. "The current demand is low since the season has only just started. When prices reach commercial levels, demand usually increases immediately."

"Spanish peach and nectarine production will be somewhat lower than in 2019. That is due to fewer fruit settings. An unknown number of stone fruit trees, mostly peach, have been felled too. That is in all the production areas. The peach supply is, therefore, decreasing. Cherry production should be the same as last year. The rain will mean lower production for Burtlat varieties. But only in the first fortnight. Overall, enough fruit seems to be on its way," says Nico.

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