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Sustainable Fresh Care Convenience production process

Sustainable Fresh Care Convenience production process

Fresh-Care Convenience is a sustainable company that specialises in processing fresh fruit and vegetables and other natural ingredients into ready-to-use convenience products. The range includes fresh pizzas, Italian meals, and freshly cut fruit salads.

To promote product quality, we make use of the latest techniques including PerfoTec. Using this technology, the packaging is perforated with a laser to specification, and this extends the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. In addition we deploy lactic acid bacteria to combat pathogens (biological sources of infection).

Our Research & development department constantly examines whether the amount of sugars and salt in our products can be reduced. We also give priority to reducing the use of palm oil in our product ingredients. For our company we prefer to use ingredients from products with one of the following quality labels: Beter Leven, ASC/ MSC, QS and SKAL. Fresh Care Convenience is certified for all these quality labels.

Largest CO2 cooling in the world
In our new building we are going one step further. Here we will make use of the latest techniques to promote sustainability and quality of our production process. Examples of this include reduced water consumption thanks to improved washing techniques, limiting our CO2 footprint by using vertical farming and the most modern cooling technology available. Fun fact: we will soon have the largest CO2 cooling unit in the world! In addition, we reduce the presence of foreign objects in our products, such as wood, plastic and insects, by using optical sorters and by cultivating in closed cultivation chambers (vertical farming).