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The Dutch strawberry season has started.

The Dutch strawberry season has started.

Summer time is here again so it's high time we can enjoy the delicious Dutch strawberry! We recently started selling considerable volumes of this season's carefully grown, tasty greenhouse strawberries.

Our branch in Venlo has been delivering fresh, top-quality strawberries grown in the region for years. Our agronomist inspects cultivation progress on a daily basis. We work very closely together with various local growers. In addition to a direct line with cultivation, this means we can also offer flexibility, with a large acreage divided across multiple growers. Upon request, we also link customers directly to growers, to guarantee complete traceability.

At different times during the season, we offer the Elsanta, Sonsation, Furore, Favori and Magnum varieties. That way, we always guarantee the best possible shape, colour and taste. We started the season with the Sonsation in size 30+. These berries are nice mature round and deliciously sweet. We expect that Elsanta will be available from week 14/15 on.

Our growers use organic plant protection wherever possible and there are hardly any residues on the fruit. Products can be packaged and delivered directly from the grower, resulting in less handling and fewer transport movements. This allows us to even offer an Express Service: Ordered today, harvested tonight, and delivered the same night or the next morning.