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Video: Brazilian DULCE melon production

Video: Brazilian DULCE melon production

A look behind the scenes at one of our Brazilian melon growing partners. See in a one-minute video the amount of passion and attention to detail with which our DULCE melons are grown, harvested and packed.

The entire process from growing to loading takes more than 70 days (depending on the type of melon). During this time, the melon seeds are grown into small plants that are planted in the fields by hand. The plants would quickly shrivel under the hot Brazilian sun, however. That's why the soil is covered with plastic before planting. Along with a little irrigation, the plastic ensures that the soil retains moisture longer. In this way, a lot of water can be saved by not having to repeatedly spray. Moreover, the growth of weeds is considerably restricted. The fields are then covered with fine-mesh white nets to protect the plants from the bright sunlight. When the plants are large and strong enough, the sun can do its work and allow the fruits to grow. However, this does not happen before a support ring is placed under each small melon to prevent skin damage. When the melons are fully grown and nicely coloured all around after about 70 days, they can be harvested. It is now important to act as quickly as possible to get the melons to the Netherlands as fresh as possible. 

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