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Updated brand portfolio for Staay Food Group

Updated brand portfolio for Staay Food Group

A strong brand can greatly enhance recognisability and consumer confidence. Over the years, Staay Food Group has developed an extensive international brand portfolio. To unleash the full potential of this brand, the portfolio has now been completely updated. By focusing on a selection of brands and by better defining their position, our products now enjoy an even more distinct place in the market. We have bid farewell to a number of brands, developed a few new logos and made a selection of some of our own brands as well as brands created in collaboration with our strategic partners. The brand portfolio now looks like this:

Melons and mangos


NERO Premium
Premium products

Masia del Pino
Home grown Spanish produce

Local Dutch produce

Eat & Care
Absolute sustainability

Exclusive Dutch vine tomatoes (with grower Van Rens)

LED cultivated root ball lettuce (with grower Delissen)

The brands are presented separately on the website in greater detail. In addition, there will be more active communication between the various brands from now on. By developing our brands more proactively, we aim to offer more added value to our customers, growers and partners.