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Weekly update CW8

Weekly update CW8



The weather is good and stable with spring temperatures in the south.


Aubergines / Courgettes
There is plenty volume available at the moment and the costs of the volume is low. Dutch produce have started.

Supply is declining sharply, the quality is also declining. Not many large sizes available.

Supply is sufficient. Quality has declined somewhat due to the bad weather. Prices are at a reasonable level and seem to be stable.

Prices remain at a reasonable level and the supply is good. Cherry tomatoes supply remains limited and the price is quite high. Varieties such as Angelle (mini-pear/snack) are sufficient.


Iceberg lettuce
Supply is pretty good with low prices.

Sufficient supply but it looks like there will be little supply in the coming weeks. The harvest has been earlier than normal so there is now likely to be a dip in the supply.

Limited supply with reasonable prices for sealed cauliflower (small sizes).


Excellent dry and warm weather which has greatly increased the supply of Calina. Prices are considerably lower than a week ago.


Last weeks supply Salustiana under the brand Sanog in sizes 80-90-100.

Stone Fruit
The trees are already in full blossom. This is clearly earlier than normal. With no calamities, this will ensure an early start to the season.

Tarragona (Staay-Savasun)

The very last Golden and Granny 's available this season.

Sufficiently available

Spring onions
Sufficiently available

Parsley curled and with leaf
Sufficiently available

Cauliflower / Romanesco
Of excellent quality and sufficiently available.

Due in part to the heavy rain from the beginning of January, limited availability.

Plenty available and of good quality. Also great demand.

The Netherlands

The supply of Dutch cucumbers increases again in week 9. We mainly have cucumbers in the sizes 40+ and 35+ both under the brands RijnStar and NERO.

Tomatoes (Vine large exposed)
Very slow outgrowth which is very unusual. The cause is a lack of daylight/radiation.

This causes a restless market. High prices for time of year because of this.

Pak choi
Sufficiently available and of excellent quality.

Chinese cabbage
Sufficiently available and of excellent quality.

Pip fruit
After a period with significantly higher prices for the pears, the market has now stabilised and all programmes are continuing. The quality, taste and shelf life are very good. Lucas and Comice season is over. We look back on a good season. Now only Conference available. The apple market is somewhat attracted because the shelf life in Poland is less strong. Elstar is very widely available and more and more cells of Jonagold are being opened.


Leaf vegetables and herbs
Supply is stable, demand is currently good with slightly rising prices. Curled parsley will remain very difficult in the coming week. At dill there is plenty of availability at very low prices.

Baby leaves and herbs
Production is stable, availability is sufficient. The other lettuce varieties, Lollo Rosso/Biondo are of good quality and sufficiently available.

Tuber Vegetables
Rettich (from tunnels) has large supply in large sizes, small sizes very limited. Koolrabi is abundant, prices seem to come under pressure.

Cauliflower (White/purple/green and romanesco)
Limited available.




Cherry tomatoes
Production back to a stable level. Beautiful and strong product with good availability.

The first Valencia from Egypt have arrived. We are later than normal due to the weather conditions there. Available in the sizes 72-80-88-100 in telescope packaging. The sizes 40-48-56-64 in Open Top packaging.


The first containers with good quality Nicola we expect on Monday in the sizes P (28-35 mm) M (35-55 mm) and G (55-65 mm). The potatoes will be packed in jute bags of 15 kg net and 88 bags on a pallet. The season runs from entry at the end of this week until mid-May. Besides the Nicola we will also import the Spunta from the beginning of March.

Nadarcott enter mid next week and continue until entry week 13/week 14.  Various sizes mainly in cardboard packaging. Delayed due to storm at sea.

Broad beans
Great challenge in cultivation due to extreme temperature fluctuations. As a result, a lot of flour has been lost. Beans that are still hanging on the plant almost all grow crooked. Availability will therefore be extremely limited in February and March. It is expected that there will be opportunities for action again in April.

Cherry tomatoes supply remains very limited and the price is quite high. Varieties such as Angelle (mini-pear/snack) are sufficient.

South Africa

Excellent quality this season. Weekly fresh arrivals of the brands Fruitways - In Season - Goede Hoop Vrugte and Cape Cool. For the next two weeks there are still Williams Bon Chretien available, next to this variety there are the Rosemarie, Flamingo, Cheeky and the Sempre. The first Packhams will arrive in week 9.

Plenty available. Beautiful varieties both red and dark. These alternate in rapid succession. Week 08-09 actual: Laetitia and African Delight A and AA (Both bright red and yellow flesh) and Black Pearl/Diamond (Black skin with red flesh). Also available Yellow Plums (Sun Supreme and Sunbreeze) in sizes A and AA.


Production and supply week 08/09 is slowly increasing, also the fruit is getting coarser in caliber. Available in 5 Kg and 8 Kg packaging / 2 layers.

This is still limited in volume, we can offer this in 5 Kg and 8 Kg, various sizes.

Packed in 5 Kg, laid 2 layers. Various sizes available.


Costa Rica (SFG Dulce)

Gradually the weather improves in the production areas. In a few weeks time this will lead to a slightly higher production in the fields. However, in the current situation there is still a large shortage in the number of containers shipped, which will certainly continue until week 13 (entry).  Our growers continue to monitor the quality extremely critically.

There's full production now. All farms harvest on their fields and containers of all varieties are already on their way. However, the previously reported rain has delayed the harvest. As a result, we will not receive all planned volumes in full. This applies in particular to watermelons as these are relatively the most affected by the rain. The quality of the containers received by us is excellent.




Bagwa pomegranates are of excellent quality, available in different sizes for the next 4 weeks.

Next week we expect the first entry Thompson Seedless packed in 10x500g punnets. The next week 4,5kilo carry bags will arrive in addition to the punnets.


The information in this bulletin is purely informative and partly depends on various external factors. No rights can therefore be derived from the information provided.