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Fresh Care Convenience B.V.

Fresh Care Convenience processes fresh fruit and vegetables into tasty and honest convenience products such as salads and fresh-cut vegetables. The company sources from within Staay Food Group, giving it direct access to the freshest ingredients for its end products.

Fresh Care Convenience offers its customers the best possible value for money. Innovation and Transparency are our other key drivers.

 Value for money
Value for money.
Conscious choices in product range and focus on efficiency.

Because of its unparalleled level of efficiency, Fresh Care Convenience can offer you an excellent price/quality ratio. This is down to factors such as sourcing within the group, the large volumes involved and deliberate choices in terms of product range. 

Active R&D in the field of cultivation, products and production.

We continually invest in and conduct research into the best production methods. This enables us, for example, to offer products with a longer shelf life without having to use artificial preservatives. And we are working with the Vertical Farm Consortium on a concept through which we can cultivate our own raw materials all year round, directly alongside the factory in which they are processed.

Insight into the supply chain and the market; Information and advice on the changing availability of raw materials.

We offer a clear insight into the supply chain and transparency about cultivation conditions. Since we are part of the Staay Food Group, we have access to self-cultivated products and the sourcing lines are short. This enables us to proactively inform our customers about any changes in the availability of raw materials, as well as advising them on the potential consequences.

Our products find their way to various supermarket chains across Europe every day. With the majority of our turnover derived from Germany, Fresh Care is one of the largest players in fresh convenience products in the German market. Our products are also eminently suitable for supplying to other chains, such as the food service chain.

Our products can be divided into three main categories:

1. Dinner
(Main dish salads, Fresh Cut meal components)

2. Lunch
(Lunch salads, Fresh Cut fruits)

3. Snack
(Snack / To-Go salads, Snack fruits)

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Fresh Care Convenience B.V.

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Fresh Care Convenience B.V.

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