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Savasun Spain was founded in mid 80’s by one of the Van der Staaij brothers. This is primarily to guarantee the supply of Dutch produce in the winter season as well. 

The combination of Spanish climate, Dutch skills, knowledge and craftsmanship in agriculture, formed a successful base for the production of high-quality fruit and vegetables. The process of harvesting in the morning, packing and storing in the afternoon, gives us the opportunity to load our lorries the next morning with fresh pre-cooled products, ready for delivery across Europe. Currently the company is run by Ad van der Staaij and his daughter Bianca.

Quality and environment
We place high demands on our production, food safety, working conditions for our employees and safety of the environment. Our production sites are strictly controlled by our Quality control department. Of course we grow according to the Global GAP standards. Savasun has also successfully completed the Global GRASP assessment, which demonstrates proper social policy. Since January 2019, we have also been growing in a demonstrably sustainable manner according to PlanetProof certification. Savasun Spain has defined high standards for the production of selected fruits and vegetables.

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There is a wide range of vegetables and fruit grown at Savasun, often packed under the house brand Masía del Pino. Individual packaging needs are always possible in consultation.

Cauliflower, Romanesco, pointed cabbage, blanched celery and leaf celery, spinach, endive, fennel, spring onions, curly and flat-leaf parsley, broad beans and lettuce (Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biondo, red oak leaf lettuce, curly endive), Muscat pumpkin and butternut pumpkin.

Apples (Royal Gala, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Elstar) cherries, plums, aprikots, mandarins with stalks & leaves.

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Savasun S.A.

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Savasun S.A.