In this range of products we speak about all the fruit and vegetables originating from tropical or subtropical environments. These products do not belong to our daily, normal, common varieties of fruit and vegetables. For instance, pineapples are no longer considered as exotics, but products such as Physalis (ground cherry), Pitahaya ( dragon fruit) and Carambola (starfruit) are.

Typical for tropical produce is that it’s usually available during the entire year. However, the demand during the European summer season is lower, because the choice of fruit and vegetables grown on their own continent is more than sufficient.

Staay Food Group can supply an extensive range of exotics. These are weekly imported, direct from countries such as Kenya, Colombia, Thailand and Malaysia. We distribute exotics to customers mainly active in Food Service and Retail. For retailers we can arrange special packaging if requested by the customer.

The demand for exotic s is growing. Despite the facts, that local products are more popular and the many criticism on goods which have been on transportation for a considerable distance, customers do appreciate unfamiliar and exotic products. In addition, the growing group of consumers, who were born in a tropical region and have settled here, is appreciating a wide choice of these exotic products. Also the fact that people travel more frequently and to further destinations promotes the consumption of exotics and is more used in every kitchen.

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