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Below you find a selection from the assortment of other vegetables of Staay Food Group

: Leeks
Country of origin: Netherlands
Availability: All year round
Weight: Various
Certificates: GlobalG.A.P.

In the Netherlands we can cultivate leeks almost all year round. We divide the cultivation into summer, autumn and winter growing. In the Netherlands, the first summer leeks are usually harvested from the second week of June from a cold greenhouse or tunnel. These summer leeks are available through to mid-September and are followed by autumn leeks which are available until the middle of November. The winter crop is then available and this runs until the first week of May. In order to supply all year round, from mid-April the leeks are harvested and immediately put into the cold stores or frozen. In addition to the production in the Netherlands, Staay Food Group also has its own leek cultivation in Spain so we can meet demand all year round.

Product: Sprouts
Country of origin: Netherlands/Belgium/France
Availability: Aug to March
Weight: Almost all weights can be supplied
Certificates: IFS, HACCP, GlobalG.A.P.

Brussel sprouts are a popular vegetable that grow best in North-West Europe near the coast in a temperate climate. Staay Food Group supplies sprouts grown in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. And for this local product, you can be assured that all our sprouts are grown on sustainable farms.

Brussel sprouts and leeks are the vegetables that remain on the land the longest in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. The ten varieties of Brussel sprouts most frequently grown, vary from early (beginning of August) to late varieties (end of March). Sprouts are well-known for their positive effects on health. In recent years, new varieties have been bred mainly for flavour and shelf life; Brussel sprouts have become less bitter and have a longer shelf life nowadays.

Depending on the retailer's wishes, sprouts are packed in nets, flow pack, boxes or bulk.

Product: Yellow Onions
Country of origin: Netherlands
Availability: All year round
Weight: Pre-pack/bulk
Certificates: BRC higher level, Global G.A.P., RIK, SKAL, SOIL ASSOCIATION, Skylark Foundation in the Netherlands (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform)

Our red and yellow onions are available in excellent quality all year round. These flavour bombs are indispensable in every kitchen. Onions are healthy ingredients that can be used in salads as well as in cooking and baking. Dutch onions are exported to more than 110 countries!

Our shallots are also of unique quality. These are grown on specially selected fields in France. The shallot is a versatile product. It has a somewhat spicy sweet taste and can be used in hot and cold dishes. Shallots are available in various shapes and sizes. The most common and traditional shallot is the Conservor. There is also the banana shallot and the round shallot; both are excellent to use raw, to fry or in a marinade.

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