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SFG Dulce S.A.

SFG Dulce S.A. is located in San Jose, in Costa Rica. This establishment is the spider in Staay Food Group’s web in particular for the regional production of melons, mangoes and pineapples in Central America and its export to Europe and to the USA.

In addition to the fact that Staay Food Group increasingly participates in production projects, the importance of its own establishment in Costa Rica is a direct result of the globalization of the vegetable and fruit trade. This initiative will also assist Staay Food Group's goal to market, in particular, more sustainable products.

International customers and supermarket organizations increasingly want to obtain their products directly from the source. Our own establishment in Costa Rica will allow us to meet this demand. The SFG Dulce products are marketed under the brand of Dulce.

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Vision Statement: Our vision is to provide the international market with the freshest and safest products which exceed the expectations of our customers, as fast as possible and with a minimum added cost.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to produce and market fresh fruit with the aim of providing our customers with world market quality food products, in a timely and consistent manner. 

Quality, Service, Food Safety and Supply Chain Management


SGF Dulce S.A., is aware of its commitment to present and future generations, as well as its responsibility to ensure the protection of the environment in compliance with current legislation, as establishes the following ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY:

  1. Comply with national legislation and other relevant requirements in order to achieve the sustainable development of the company.

  2. Train our collaborators on environmental issues.

  3. To conserve the water resource through a rational use.

  4. Make efficient use of energy.Reduce environmental impacts through the responsible management of waste generated in our offices.

  5. Reduce environmental impacts through the responsible management of waste generated in our offices.

  6. Promote the reduction of greenhouse gases by implementing improvement programs.

  7. Guarantee the publication of this policy inside and outside the organization.

SFG Dulce S.A.

Office details

SFG Dulce S.A.

  • Office address
    Costa Rica, San José
    Pavas, Rohrmoser
    Del Parque de la Amistad
    150 Norte, 30 Oeste
  • Phone number
  • Bank details
    Bank : Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
    Address : Avenidas 1 y 3 Calle 4
    Account No : 100-02002601681-7
    Client No : 15100210026016814
    Company Registration : 3-101-660792
  • Certification