From our SFG Dulce facilities in Costa Rica, we coordinate and oversee our pineapple cultivation in the inland regions of this beautiful country. This ensures the best quality pineapples, freshly picked when green yet ripe with golden-yellow flesh and an excellent shelf life. Our on-site colleagues make sure the perfect selection is carefully loaded into containers for transport to Europe.

Our quality pineapples can be distinguished by the golden-yellow box from our house brand DULCE Gold and are available both with and without their distinctive crowns.

Premium High Colour pineapple

For connoisseurs, we also have High Colour pineapples. These are harvested later, allowing the fruit to ripen and colour for longer. This premium pineapple is noticeably sweeter in flavour and yellower in colour and is offered exclusively under our NERO Premium house brand.



Origin Origin

  • Costa Rica

Availability Availabilty

  • Year-round

Frequently asked questions

When are pineapples ripe?

Pineapples are harvested ripe and ready to eat. Pineapples do not ripen any more after harvesting. So, every pineapple you see in a shop is already ripe. A pineapple never improves by leaving it lying around.

How long can you store pineapples?

That depends on how fresh you bought the pineapple. A pineapple will stay good for a few weeks, but remember that it has already made a two-week boat trip. When the pineapple turns brown and the leaves can be easily pulled out of the crown, it is getting old. So eat it immediately.

How long does it take for a pineapple to mature?

A pineapple plant takes 12 to 14 months to produce mature, ripe pineapples.

What colour pineapple tastes the best?

A full-grown green pineapple is already ripe and tasty enough to be harvested. If the pineapple stays on the plant longer, it ripens further and becomes even more delicious. The skin then becomes yellower and the flesh softer and sweeter. But as it continues to ripen, its shelf life deteriorates visibly. And that complicates exports to Europe. Pay special attention to the pineapple NOT being brown/yellow, as it will be old.

Why does a pineapple have a crown?

The crown of the pineapple is actually the beginning of a new pineapple plant. Pineapples are usually packed including their characteristic crown because it looks so elegant. For the quality of the pineapple, it doesn't matter. Pineapples for processing are delivered without crowns.

Where does pineapple come from?

Pineapple thrives best in tropical climates. Pineapple is believed to be native to South America. However, the earliest written references to pineapples come from explorers such as Columbus, who found pineapple cultivation in areas around the West Indies.
Today, pineapple cultivation is a thriving industry in many tropical regions. Besides Costa Rica, countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Brazil are among the main producers of pineapple.

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