Teenleafs are (lettuce) leafy varieties that are grown very efficiently and are particularly vigorous and colourful. This is because the leaves grow in high density (in our case on water gutters in LED-lit greenhouses) and they are harvested by machine at a later stage than babyleafs. Teenleafs come in every imaginable colour, texture and leaf shape: green, red, crisp, soft, fresh and round. This makes it possible to produce ready-to-use salad mixes in addition to a wide range.


Frequently asked questions

What is hydroponic cultivation?

A hydroponic system to grow crops more efficiently above ground. In this system, plant roots grow in water with a nutrient solution or in moist materials, such as mineral wool.

What are teen leaves?

A collection of crispy and beautifully coloured loose leaf lettuce varieties. Teenleaves are efficient to produce thanks to high growth density (many lettuces per m2) and machine harvesting at a later stage than babyleaves. Teenleave production gives a higher yield (in kilos) and has a better shelf life than baby-sized lettuce leaves. The leaves are also stronger and more colourful.

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