This month, trade magazine ‘Primeur/Freshplaza’ published an interview with two of our board members: Dammis van der Staay and Matthijs Vlasblom.

How was 2023 for you in your business and private life?

Matthijs: “It’s been a good year in which we managed to achieve substantial growth in both volume and sales.”

Dammis: “Moreover, I’ve been in the midst of winding down my activities and handing over to the new management team. As a family, we chose to continue the business with a new management team, which has been in place for about a year now. The family is pleased with the way things are currently going.”

What are the biggest challenges facing your business?

Dammis: “Cost increases compounded by regulatory pressure. That’s a huge challenge.”

Matthijs: “Product availability (climate change!) and staff shortages also play an important role. After the pandemic, market shortages were really problematic, but now we’re back to a good level. However, there are still certain positions that are difficult to fill.”

What will you definitely be doing differently in 2024?

Matthijs: “We’re satisfied with the past year. We’ll continue the course we have set into 2024.”

Who should we really interview in Primeur in the new year?

A politician from the Hague. Maybe then we, as a company operating in the potato, vegetable and fruit sector, can better understand why certain rules and subsidies exist and why some measures are taken.

Dammis van der Staay en Matthijs Vlasblom

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