Living Lettuce

Origin: Deliscious BV, Beesel, the Netherlands
Availability: 12 months a year
Weight: variable and according to season (150 - 250 gram, without root ball)
Certificates: GlobalG.A.P./BRC

In 2007 Staay-Van Rijn and Delicious BV (Beesel, North Limburg) started their Partnership. Since then, Staay-Van Rijn is successfully responsible for the entire sales & marketing of this innovative product. Deliscious BV has a total cultivation acreage of 50,000 m2 in a greenhouse complex with 4 LED rooms. Seedlings are planted here for 30 days in a perfectly hygienic environment, in order to create a further growth and development in the greenhouse.

Our current product range consists of Salanova green and Salanova red Batavia. Salanova green has a large number of small leaves which, after the root ball is removed, falls apart into the salad bowl for immediate use. There is also an oak leaf lettuce alternative, this has a characteristic and slightly nutty flavour. Since May 2015 our range also includes Salanova red Batavia. This successful newcomer has a surprisingly strong bite. The upper part of the lettuce leaves are tinged a light reddish-brown colour. It’s flavour qualities are excellent.

The Salatrio is a head of lettuce consisting of Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biondo and Oak Leaf lettuce. These are the so-called traditional varieties. With it is intense and fresh colours, Salatrio is a true eye-catcher on the retail shelf. Consumers appreciate this product because of it’s excellent taste and shelf life. The grower, Delissen, has a specially developed glass type in the top of the greenhouse – it has the ideal refractive index for sun rays. This intensifies the characteristic red colouring on the top of the lettuce leaves.

Delissen recieved the Fruitlogistica Innovation Award in 2013 for this successful concept. The combination of LED rooms (nursery rooms) and greenhouse complex (with water channels) is unique in Europe!

Delissen's innovative and sustainable cultivation features include the use of hot and cold water sources (from 120 metres depth) to heat and cool the greenhouses. In addition to this, the use of LED rooms means a substantial reduction in the acreage required for seed germination (cultivation in 8 layers) and is a key aspect of the total process. Water is recycled during the production process and water consumption in the LED rooms is very low. On top of all this technology, the use of crop protection has been minimised to a very low level, very little crop protection is required.

If you would like more information about our product range or the other opportunities that the Staay Food Group can offer, please contact our sales department.

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