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Product: Pineapple comosus
Country of origin: Costa Rica
Variety: MD2
Availability: 12 months a year
Sizes: 5 to 12
Weight: approx. 11.5 kg in boxes / EPS / IFCO
Certificates: Rainforest Alliance, GlobalG.A.P., ETI, Tesco NURTURE, USGAP Packing House, USGAP Ranch, Esencial Costa Rica

Staay-Hispa B.V. has been a partner and working closely together with Agrícola Agromonte S.A. in San Carlos, Costa Rica, for fresh pineapples since 2004. In 2015 we added Compania Agropecuaria Las Brisas SA in Alajuela, Costa Rica as supplier.

The pineapple variety MD2 is cultivated in a sustainable proces on approximately 1500 hectares of the total available area of 2300 hectares, especially for us. The remaining acreage consists of ecological protected areas.

The MD2 variety is widely known for its excellent taste, quality and long shelf life. In consultation with Staay-Hispa and with a view to create a more sustainable production process, the most modern and efficient cultivation technologies are applied. In this way, full consideration is given to the environment, the local community and the retailers' requirements. An example of efficient cultivation technology is, the modern irrigation techniques deployed in order to promote water-saving agriculture.

The intensive collaboration with Agrícola Agromonte and Las Brisas means that our pineapple growers in Costa Rica farms under a wide range of certificates including the Rainforest Alliance, GlobalG.A.P., ETI, Tesco NURTURE, USGAP Packing House, USGAP Ranch, and Esencial Costa Rica. It is also worth mentioning that our local partner Agromonte was the very first pineapple farm in Costa Rica to be Rainforest Alliance certified.

In order to guarantee the quality of the pineapples from harvest to consumer, all selected pineapples are pre-cooled immediately after the packaging process. Our regular partners ship the containers with fresh, pre-cooled pineapples within 48 hours. In this way we are able to guarantee the best possible shelf life so only the best, ripe and ready to eat pineapples make their way to the fresh fruit counters in supermarkets across Europe. The intensive collaboration with retailers, as well as with our grower Agromonte demonstrates the strength of Staay-Hispa. This enables us to meet the wishes of retailers throughout the process and supply the best possible products to consumers in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

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